Herbal Medicine Treatments

Herbs and orthodox medicine

Herbs can be used alongside prescribed medicine provided, of course, there is no risk of potential interactions or incompatibilities.

Can’t I simply buy herbs from Health shops or Supermarkets?

Of course, or you could even pick them yourself if you are familiar with the plant, however there may come a time when a consultation can be beneficial. Unlike modern pharmaceutical medicines, it isn’t simply a matter of matching a herb to a specific condition since each herb can potentially exert many different effects on the body’s tissues and organs. The art of herbal therapeutics is blending the most appropriate plants to create a unique formula for each individual, one that acts to support health by stimulating or modifying the body’s self-healing, vital energy. This is also combined with an approach taking into consideration each person’s composition and lifestyle.

What conditions can be helped by herbs?

With over 5000 years of history to draw upon, herbs have been used to facilitate recovery in an extremely wide variety of illnesses and disorders. It is futile for me to simply list these as there are many other factors that contribute to a successful outcome than herbs alone. With that in mind, I always offer a free of charge, no obligation initial consultation so that we can meet, talk about the issue of concern, discuss possible treatment avenues and ensure we are able to work together going forward.

You don’t need to be ill to see a Herbalist!

More often than not, I am used as a last resort, when people are struggling with chronic conditions and conventional medicine has exhausted treatment avenues, however herbs can be beneficial to those who are fortunate to be well, in order to maintain or enhance their health. ‘M.O.T’ consultations at certain key points of the year can often help to avoid potential problems or should you have a forthcoming stressful event, such as job interview, wedding etc., herbs can offer the body vital support to help with the occasion.


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