Medical Herbalist

Grange Clinic of Natural Medicine

History shows that every culture in the world has, at some stage in its evolution, used herbs as the main basis of their medicine and, until the onset of chemical refinement in the 1950s, nearly all of the drugs prescribed by Doctors had a herbal origin. Today, herbalism draws from its vast knowledge as one of the oldest medical systems in existence and modern scientific research to create a rounded, gentle, effective and natural treatment for a variety of conditions.

What does a herbalist do?

Herbalists help others improve their health through the use of natural medicine, a method of healing that doesn’t burden the body with chemicals and very rarely cause the side-effects associated with many orthodox drugs in use today. A full herbal consultation includes a discussion about the condition that has prompted you to come, as well as a review of your past medical history and current aspects of your lifestyle.

A personal prescription of herbs is normally dispensed to meet your specific needs and may be in the form of -

Capsules (hand-made, containing ground herbs)


Decoctions (dried herbs boiled, then simmered)

Infusions (dried herbs prepared like a tea with boiling water)

Tinctures (herbs suspended in pure, high-grade alcohol)

A little information about me

I have lived in the local area since 1998, having previously worked in Ireland, were I ran a Clinic for sufferers of the skin conditions Psoriasis, Eczema and Dermatitis, which continues at Grange today. I have a BSc (Hons) degree in Herbal Medicine and am a member of the URHP, an international register of Herbal Practitioners.


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